Cook Well Mastermind

Cook Well Mastermind

Calabria, Italy

Begins: 1/11/22

Cook Well Energetic
Healing Mastermind

A healing container of kitchen playfulness and soul connection

*The magic is in the energy!*

By stepping into this container your vibration will rise--before, during, and after classes--look out! The joy and playfulness is contagious.

If you’re reading this you’ve probably gotten a taste of that childlike exuberance from participating in one of my group classes that you may never have thought would be possible while cooking a healthy meal.

The mastermind is where you will embody, elevate, and integrate that lightheartedness into all other aspects of your life. The playfulness begins with your health, in the kitchen, then is extended to other aspects of your life through supported creativity, connection and humor.

What We Do

Step #1

Get Playful in the Kitchen

A chance to try on some silliness while surrounded and held by a compassionate community of fun loving souls. We cook mouth watering healthy meals without rigid rules. Rather, we welcome variations, humor, and modifications as you practice tuning into your intuition and what you like and know to be true for yourself and family. A place to connect, create, heal, and rise into the lighter version of you that wants to be expressed.

Step #2

Nourish you Mind, Body, and Soul

by consistently showing up to the healthy gourmet cooking classes you are continuously training the muscle of what flavors go well together, what you enjoy, and how to easily incorporate more nutrients into your meals. You will find yourself intuitively eating more vegetable heavy meals that are even more satisfying and easy than what you’re used to. Nourishing food is a truth for us all and will lend to a more aligned sense of self with more integrity about the person that you’re showing up as.

Step #3

Expand and Implement the Play

Third step is to see how or what other areas of your life could be impacted positively from bringing more of that kitchen energy. What right now in your life feels heavy? Can you bring your kitchen energy into that? The more you train the muscle of being aware of choosing and implementing the energy you want, the less affected you feel by any circumstance. Its your most powerful and unwavering tool. But there is so much possibility of where it can expand and how it can expand and this group myself are here to support that higher version of you.
Not only are you committing to transformation the second you sign up, but you’re committing to having a really freaking fun time doing it while eating good food. You are living the integration of lightness easier, more in flow life—with better food!
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What’s Included

4.5 months

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* Price based on double occupancy. *

Where You Will Stay

Holistic Cooking & Nutrition Counseling

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