Feeling Overwhelmed
with Diets?

Maybe you're SO inundated by all the nutrition and health information out there that you feel like it's impossible to even know where to start.

Wish Healthy Eating
was Easier?!

Do you feel like your brain is exploding from all the latest health trends telling you that you NEED to eat certain foods you can’t even pronounce?

Wish Cooking Actually Felt FUN
...Not Dreadful?!

Maybe you’ve tried to incorporate some healthy habits into your life but just CAN'T seem to find the joy or consistency to maintain them, especially at the end of the day.

Healthy Foodie on
a Mission

I’m on a mission to help you better align with yourself on a physical and spiritual level by having FUN in the kitchen. When paired with the right energy, ingredients, and technique, cooking can be the gateway to a calmer and lighter you. I teach a flexible and hands-on approach so that you can fully embody your own intuitive way of eating healthy (and craveworthy!) foods, without a diet.

Virtual Cooking Classes

with high vibe energy and soul connections that will make you stop dreading the question “what’s for dinner?!”

Intuitive Eating

We bring back your intuition back into the kitchen to nourish both your emotional and physical parts

Culinary Retreats

Next Retreat:
Culinary and Wellness Retreat
Southern Italy 2023

Easy Nutrition

Cooking and diet don't have to be hard! When healthy food tastes THIS good you’ll never want to eat another way again

What is Intuitive Health?

It’s a lifestyle shift that incorporates holistic cooking, nutrition, and flexibility. The health habits and shifts that we co-create will become innate and automatic because they are designed to empower you and bring you more joy. The intuitive part comes from the healing impact that these behaviors have on your mental and physical body. Your body, mind, AND soul will naturally crave these positive healthy routines because they make you feel calmer, happier and a whole lot brighter!

My cooking programs combine entertainment, playful accountability & compassionate guidance to lead the way of transforming your health from being dreadful to being not only easy, but something you feel excited and inspired to maintain.

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Beginning in the kitchen, I specialize in finding ways to make food and cooking fun again. I create healthy cooking experiences that complement your specific body, but more importantly, are DELICIOUS and designed to fit into your lifestyle. Through my holistic cooking program we are able to simplify nutrition into two prongs, bring expert culinary flavor, make it easy, and connect while doing so.

I hold an entertaining and engaging space where your mind can take a breather and you can get back into your own body and intuition. Cooking and eating well don't have to be scary - they can be your own creative outlet for giving your body exactly what it needs. Having fun in my kitchen is non-negotiable!

The Secret Sauce ...

We Make it FUN!

Aligning your body physically is a truth for us all, but that’s not to say we can’t make the process exciting.

Simplifying Nutrition

into my two prong approach as your foundation and base


based intuitively on your emotional / situational cravings

Easy Cooking, Together

so the recipes can be intuitively integrated into your lifestyle


preparing healthy foods with FLAVOR so you’ll crave & want to repeat

Who is Intuitive
Health for?

Health Isn't Meant
to be Perfect

or strict! It's meant to add calmness, happiness, and lightness to your being - that's my goal.
If you are ready to step into a lighter version or you, you are in the right place
The Cook Well program is fantastic, fun, and a great learning experience!  I learned how to make healthy plant based foods with pantry staple ingredients and fresh in the season, all the while enjoying meeting new people and sharing stories over cooking and our love of food.  It was the highlight of my week!  Hannah is funny, professional, warm, and lovely.  She brings you into her kitchen, shares tips, and provides support throughout the class.  No matter what level of cooking, Hannah makes everyone feel comfortable and at home.  I highly recommend participating in the class.  You won't want to miss her next session!


I feel more flexible and expansive about cooking dinner and eating without all the drama.I've noticed that when I decide to indulge without all the guilt or shame or negativity around it, I see how I naturally come back to wanting and craving healthier foods. I've had so much resistance to food and cooking, and it feels quite liberating to let go a little and trust myself.


My favorite part is that it's not restrictive. Yet allows you to eat healthy whole foods with the things we crave. It's human and natural to want tasteful food. And Hannah makes it possible. I'm choosing more veggie filled dishes with our eating and grocery shopping. I feel more confident knowing I can create something delicious.


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