3 Reasons to Join a Cooking Program that have nothing to do with Cooking!

3 Reasons to Join a Cooking Program that have nothing to do with Cooking!

3 Reasons to Join a Cooking Program that have nothing to do with Cooking!

It’s so interesting, because in theory my business is all about cooking… except…its only kind of true…

You see, cooking is a practical and tangible skill that we all could use in our everyday lives. The description “cooking program” allows people to quickly conceptualize what my programs look like. I lead virtual cooking classes step-by-step as the group follows along from their own kitchens. All my meals are loaded with vegetables and flavor. Its amazing to witness individuals transform their viewpoints from thinking that “healthy is bland” or that “vegetables are boring” into intuitively being able to cook 5-star meals that are 70% vegetables that their whole family enjoys. 

BUT to be honest, the healthy, nourishing, and mouth-watering meals that we end each class with are becoming just a by-product of the essence of my business. 

The pure joy, love, self compassion, acceptance, sense of belonging, and entertainment that goes on within the group dynamic is what makes the classes my clients’ favorite night of the week. 

If you’re looking to cook more and want to learn some tips on how to make easy and healthy meals more nights of the week than this a place for you. 

BUT if you also feel some type of void, some type of loneliness, negative self talk (especially around food), or a craving for more meaningful connection then this type of program could also be for you… 

One of my Mastermind clients, Meredith, never thought about joining a cooking class…until she met me and got a taste for my playful energy and decided to lean in and take the leap of joining the “virtual cooking program” 

She says “Yes, we cook. Yes, the recipes are freaking amazing. But the woman power that happens in this group is what it’s all about. Amazing women having fun and lifting each other up! This is total girl time for me! Thank you” Meredith is one of my many clients who come to find that healthy meals are just an added perk of what they are REALLY getting out of the program.

Which brings me to a fun aside of 3 reasons to join Cook Well that have nothing to do with cooking…

  1. The Community & Connection

“My favorite part is connecting with other heart-centered women and then tasting the results of course. I love the balance of learning to cook healthy good food and connecting on a deep level so we can all grow spiritually as well.” Aina H. 

  1. The Entertainment

“The Cook Well Program gives me something once a week to do something I really enjoy. I look forward to every class with excitement. I would say it was life changing for me!”

  1. More Self-Compassion     

“I am learning that loving myself means treating my body with love and feeding my mind, body, and spirit with nourishment. The laughter, connection and fun are the icing on the cake. I love that it is so chill…everything is no problem”

They come for the healthy cooking but stay for the life changing connection and energetic transformation that comes from pure play and love. 

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