How To Prepare for a Cook Well Cooking Class

How To Prepare for a Cook Well Cooking Class


The classes are scheduled for 6:00pm EST that you will join via zoom. All participants will receive the recipe and shopping list 1 week prior to class so that you can gather your ingredients. I will have my camera set up so that you can see everything I'm doing in the kitchen (feel free to position your camera in a similar way)! I will then go through the recipes step-by-step and cook along with you for a visual reference. Don't worry if you're not a kitchen expert-it's the perfect place to experiment while being guided and ask all your specific questions.
  • Reference your grocery shopping list and purchase all the items ahead of time
  • Lay out of your ingredients & equipment before the class starts so we can get right to cooking! (I will reference what equipment you need each week. usually nothing more complicated than a blender or sheet tray!)


I can't get or don't like a certain ingredient, what should I do?

Send me a message! 781-864-2470. There is so much room for flexibility and substitutions with all my recipes.

What if I have an allergy to one of the ingredients?

Don't hurt yourself! Send me a message and we can find a comparable substitution.

Can I ask questions during the class?

YES!! All the questions. This is an open forum for you.

How long will the class be?

Usually an hour-we gotta eat!

I can't make one of the live classes, what should I do?

Not to worry! I will send you the recording the following day.

Can I pour a glass of wine to have while cooking?

ONLY ALWAYS! We're here to feel empowered and have fun.

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